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    If you have a temporary resident visa, such as a work or study permit, you may be able to change your status from TR to PR and become a permanent resident of Canada.

    Requirements for Temporary Residents to Apply for PR

    Temporary resident permit (TRP) holders who meet all of the following criteria may be eligible to apply for permanent residency as members of the permit holder class:

    • They have not become inadmissible for any other reason than those for which the TRP was granted in the first place.
    • They currently have a TRP that is in good standing.
    • They have lived outside of Canada as a permit holder for three to five years, depending on the cause of their original inadmissibility.
    • Applicants in the permit holder class must additionally meet the extra requirements of the Act and Regulations.
    • There is no discretion involved in granting permanent resident status to a member of the permit holder class who meets the relevant qualifications.

    Work Visa to Canada PR

    Many people will apply for a temporary work visa with the intention of eventually becoming permanent residents of Canada.

    Find out how to convert your Temporary Work Permit to a Permanent Resident Card in Canada.

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