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    Isabella Aghogu

    The number of qualified college graduates in the job market has grown (more hooves in the watering hole). Unpaid internships are a necessary hurdle to pass in many fields to get to the paid internship.

    So yes, internships are a battlefield. But you’re not alone in that fight. Here a few challenges that are common to interns.

    • No work

    You don’t have enough work assigned to you. You’re bored, underutilized, and tempted to browse Facebook at your desk.

    •Too much work

    Some workplaces may take advantage of young workers by giving them very long hours of dull, repetitive work. Try to Keep your long-term career goals clearly in mind to make it all feel worth the effort.

    •Afraid to ask questions

    You may feel the pressure to be an independent and self-sufficient worker, but it’s so much better to clarify uncertainties!

    •Competition with other interns

    Some office environments may not be friendly, as interns might be competing for a future job opening or a good letter of recommendation. Try to stay friendly and people would always want to work with you!

    •Your work is not used

    Not only is this frustrating because of your seemingly wasted time and effort, but it makes you less motivated for projects in the future. Try to Publish your written work online instead! Try not to look at it as wasted time and effort. Instead, see it as a resume/experience-booster.

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