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    Isabella Aghogu

    Practicing common internship interview questions will prepare you to express why you want the placement and how you’re a good fit for the team and organization.

    I have compiled a list of common interview questions for interns. If you practise answering these questions, it will help you approach most other questions you may be asked.

    *Tell us a bit about yourself?

    This is usually asked as a warm up question. However, don’t get too comfortable and start regurgitating information that your interviewer already knows, such as your name and age. Your response should highlight your talents and demonstrate your personality in regards to the internship position available.

    *Why did you apply for an internship with our company?

    This question is frequently asked to see how well you know the company. Your response should show that you did enough research on the company, which goes beyond a cursory glance at the ‘about us’ part of the employer’s website.

    Your research will demonstrate your enthusiasm and persuade your interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the firm, earning you brownie points.

    *What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    You have the opportunity to promote yourself, but you also run the danger of revealing personal characteristics that could jeopardize your internship application. Rather than criticising your faults, the objective of this inquiry is for your interviewer to understand more about your abilities and motivation to improve on your weaker traits.

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