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    Generally, Ecuador is inexpensive and generally reliable. Buses are the country’s preferred form of public transport, and trundle along just about anywhere there’s a road. They also make use of trains but they cover only a small fraction of the country.

    Getting around Ecuador is a little trickier than getting around at home. Know that roads are often in a state of disrepair, and you should approach public transportation with caution. It’s very easy to get around historic Quito and downtown Cuenca on foot. As an expat, you should not walk around these cities at night.

    If you have a car and can drive, it is important to watch out for people changing lanes, buses that move quickly, and speeding trucks. Police checks and road blocks happen as well, so make sure you have registration documents, a valid driver’s license and your passport.

    As for the quality of roads in Ecuador, it varies. The Pan-American Highway, the main highway in Ecuador, runs through the Andes, with branches leading off to the east and west. This road is in fairly good condition, but smaller roads tend to be made of dirt and may have large potholes. Most of the major highways in Ecuador are in pretty decent shape. But once you venture off the major thoroughfares, the situation deteriorates dramatically.

    Always keep an eye out for the sudden appearance of a pedestrian, bicycle rider, dog, or cow, even on major highways. It’s best to avoid driving at night, as very few roads or highways are illuminated.

    For more information on commuting easily and hitch-free in Ecuador, click here

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