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    Commuting Hitch-free in Denmark

    You can travel to most cities by train, bus, or ferry. Copenhagen has one of the world’s most efficient metro systems – a fully-automated system operating 24/7. Denmark has several international airports, the largest of which are Copenhagen and Billund.

    The best way to get around Denmark is by private car on the excellent road network. In lieu of that, nearly all major towns, and certainly most Danish cities, are serviced by trains, except certain offshore islands, which can be reached only by ferryboat.

    A 24-hour pass covers zones one to four and costs 80 Danish krone ($12.85) for adults and half-price children. Buy the City Pass online, and they’ll text you a pass to use immediately. A 24-hour ticket is a good option for day trips outside of Copenhagen.

    Public transport in Denmark is easy, fast and convenient. As a small country with hundreds of islands, there are myriad interconnecting transport routes by land, sea and air.

    The payment option varies depending on where you travel in Denmark. For almost any trip you can buy a ticket online, and at the stations there are ticket machines and on some city buses you can pay with Danish coins. On Intercity buses you can also pay with cards.

    Click here for more information on commuting easily in Denmark.

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