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    The Federal Republic of Turkey, now officially known as the Federal Republic of Turkiye is embattled with inflation. According to current data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, Turkiye’s inflation is at an all-time high for 24 years. The cost of living is high as consumer prices are up. This may be due to the ongoing war against Ukraine by Russia. Some Turkish economists blame the economic policies of the Turkish President, President Tayyip Erdogan, for the high inflation.

    Despite this high inflation experienced by the Turkish people, Living in Turkey is relatively cheaper than in some European countries. Transportation, food, and alcoholic drinks are the most affected by inflation. House rents are also comparatively inexpensive in Turkey, contingent on the kind of apartment and the cities you choose to live in. In some urban areas, house rents start from 450 Euros monthly.

    As expected, public school tuition fees are cheaper than private school tuition. At Istanbul Technical University, a public school, the postgraduate tuition fee is 2752.5 Lira or 167 USD annually. At Bogazici University, another public school in Turkey, the tuition fee for international students is 14,256 Lira and 867 USD annually. At Atilim University, a private school, postgraduate tuition starts from $6,500.

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