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    Deborah Etim

    In Helsinki, most of your expenditure will likely go to your rent and groceries. If you are studying in Helsinki or you are just curious about the cost of living in this Finnish city, this post is tailored for you. In this post, I will shed more light on the cost of living in Helsinki and how to budget your expenditures.

    House Rent: All students are responsible for their own housing and living expenses. Helsinki’s living costs, particularly housing costs, are quite high, but they are in accordance with the EU rate.
    There are 2 kinds of housing available: student housing and regular apartments/room rentals. If you apply for student housing through UniHome, the rent can range from €400-600 per month. The other option is Hoas, which has a much wider range of prices, ranging from €300 to over €1000 per month, depending on the standard of the house. You can choose depending on what you want, and your budget for rent.
    If you’re having a shared apartment, a typical rental will cost between €450 and €700, or at least €900 for a studio or one-bed apartment. You may also need to spend roughly €100 for services for the apartment.

    Groceries: One area that demands a lot of money is groceries; however, unlike accommodation, you can actually detect how much you spend on groceries. It all boils down to your needs. Regardless of how much your budget for groceries is, I doubt you will be able to live on less than €150 a month.

    Transportation: Helsinki’s public transportation system is outstanding, with bus, tram, metro, commuter train, and ferry services. All these means of transportation may be boarded with a single ticket. You can even switch modes of transportation as long as your ticket is still intact. A single ticket cost €3.20. However, Helsinki is not a very big town so you can go around by talking walks sometimes.

    Clothing: I cannot place a price on this because I can not tell how many clothes you want to buy. However, there are some thrift stores you can shop at. I can also advise purchasing clothes before the season. For instance, you can start shopping for winter clothes way before winter because during that season, the price doubles; due to high demand.

    Helsinki has a high cost of living when compared to some other parts of Europe. It is possible to restrict your expenditures in some other cities but it may be a bit difficult to do that in Helsinki, except you have a great spending habit.

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