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    Discipling your au pair kids can be very tasking, though interesting. As an au pair, there are some methods and steps you are expected to follow to effectively disciple your au pair kids and enjoy your stay with them abroad.

    1. You must be a lover of kids. For you to disciple a child whose background is totally different from yours, you need to show love to him or her. Let the child be convinced that you’re loving and fun to be with by your attitudes

    2. Respect the child’s/ children’s privacy. Although as an au pair, the kids you’re taking care of may be younger than you, but sometimes, you still have to respect their privacies and decisions

    3 Correct them in love. Don’t be too harsh or saucy while correcting or disciplining any erring child. Make the correction friendly, yet piercing to the ears of the child/children

    4. Live an exemplary life. Children learn more by what they see others do. Be conscious of your actions, deeds, expressions etc and portray good moral standards.

    5. Inform their parents about some difficult situations or issues involving the children.

    6. Identify the children’s strengths and weaknesses etc.

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