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    Tosin Ayedun

    Japan offers a wide range of cuisine other than the usual sushi and rice most people are familiar with. If your vacation plan is going to take you to Japan, you should try some of these wonderful dishes.

    Sushi: Of course, we are starting with the food commonly associated with Japanese cuisine. Sushi is rice wrapped in seaweed after it has been seasoned with a vinegar mix and varying ingredients that mostly include seafood. The best way to enjoy this meal is to dip it in wasabi or soy sauce. If you are feeling adventurous, you can dip it in both. There are different types of Sushi, there is maki sushi, , inari, nigiri sushi. So, you can try out any one you fancy.

    Sashimi: This is another delicious dish that you can order with Sushi. Sashimi is thinly sliced seafood that is served with wasabi.

    Noodles: Asia is noodles heaven. In Japan there are noodle shops that sell udon, soba and ramen. There is variety of flavours to pick from. You also get to decide how spicy you want your noodles. These noodles are often garnished with braised pork belly, seaweed, scallions etc. You will definitely find it hard to eat noodles the way you’ve been preparing it after you taste the real deal in Japan.

    Other dishes to try in Japan include; Okonomiyaki, Tempura, Fugu and many others. You can check here for detailed information on some Japanese dishes and how they are prepared.

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