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    The welcoming and peaceful culture that serves to characterize Canada is heavily influenced by volunteerism. Whatever your area of expertise, giving back to the community in the Great White North will be a fulfilling immersing experience in one of the world’s happiest and most developed nations.


    After Russia, Canada is the second-largest nation in the world. While the majority of the northern regions are still very sparsely populated, those that are inhabited have advanced economies and some of the best living standards in the world.

    In Canada, there are many large cities where it is possible to find volunteer work. These cities are primarily grouped along the eastern and western seaboards as well as the southern border with the United States.

    With a metropolitan population of more than 5 million, Toronto is the largest city in Canada. As one of the most livable cities in the world, it is also the nation’s most globally oriented city and its cultural and commercial hub.

    The capital of the French-speaking portion of Canada and the second-largest city in Canada is located close to the northeast. In addition to being a pioneer in both culture and business, Montreal was also recognized as a UNESCO City of Design for its exquisite architectural infrastructure.

    Vancouver, a bustling port city located far out on the country’s west coast, consistently ranks at the top of the world’s quality of life benchmarks. Vancouver is a well-liked tourist destination because of its diverse urban environment and abundance of outdoor adventure opportunities. It is located in a stunning coastal environment with beautiful natural surroundings.

    Ottawa, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg are additional popular volunteer destinations in Canada.

    Of course, not every volunteer opportunity in Canada takes place in a large city; you can also locate volunteer in smaller communities in less populous regions.

    If working with children, teaching, or taking care of people with disabilities is something you’re interested in, Canada’s populated areas provide a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. See a helpful article here.

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