Feeds Topics Study Abroad FAQ: Must I have IELTS or TOEFL before studying abroad?

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    Destiney Arkaden

    ANS: This is a relative question and depends on the following:
    1. Your native or the official language of your country: If you are from an English-speaking country considered as native speakers, e.g. USA, UK, Australia & New Zealand, then you won’t be required to show this test result. In some cases, this requirement may be waived for candidates from countries where English is (one of) the official language; e.g. South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria etc.

    2. The language of your previous education: If the language of your previous education was English, some schools might waive the test requirement, but note that this is not applicable to all schools.

    3. The language requirement of the school or course you applied to: Some schools/courses require a certain level of English language command which is only accepted via the test result.

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