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    Isabella Aghogu

    Financial Proof
    You will need to show financial proof when applying for a visa or residence permit and It can be provided in different ways:
    -Working contract if you receive salary.
    -Funds on the banking account of at least 600-700 EUR per month (for a year).

    Language Certificate
    The final requirement for foreign applicants is the ability to speak and write in German because there are no English apprenticeships in Germany. So to apply for ausbildung in Germany, you’d need to learn the language.

    There is no straightforward requirement for a specific language certificate. The company or school will determine what they want to see. But as a general rule of thumb, these certificates are widely accepted in Germany:

    -German language certificate of at least level B1: Goethe, telC, TestDaF, German Language Test for University Admission.

    I hope this serves as a much needed guide to kickstart your Ausbildung dreams

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