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    Deborah Etim

    If you are in Ukraine, you can now seek shelter in Hungary.
    Because of the ongoing military crisis between Russia and Ukraine, the Hungarian government has stated that refugees from Ukraine will be provided temporary shelter under a part of the asylum law.

    Those who had to abandon their nation owing to armed conflict, civil war, or ethnic instability are eligible for temporary protection, according to the law. This law applies to all Ukrainian citizens as well as foreigners who are legal residents in Ukraine. Temporary protection, also known as “sheltered status,” is different from refugee status. The most significant difference is the duration of its validity: according to the proclamation, the sheltered status is valid through June 1st, but this may change in the next season and is likely to be extended.

    Many official and unofficial local groups have stated recently that they are prepared to assist refugees fleeing Ukraine. The Magyar Máltai Szeretetszolgálat (Maltese Cross) has said that their office is still open. The foundation’s employees and volunteers are coordinating assistance for individuals in need.

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