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    Dorcas Ebuara

    Finding accommodation in Hamburg, Germany.

    Hamburg is a major city in Northern Germany. It is also safe for anyone looking to reside there.

    Looking for accommodation can be very challenging especially as a student if it’s not in your school’s student apartment and even in the student’s apartment, it’s a struggle because it’s oftentimes on a first-come basis. However, this shouldn’t be a thing of worry as this article would proffer solution on how to get accommodation in Hamburg.

    Before you start house hunting, you should already have in mind the kind of apartment you want, with several criteria in mind like;

    • The proximity from home to school. Hamburg has an impressive public transport system which makes movement fast and easy. However, getting an apartment in the outskirt of Hamburg is less expensive.

    • what should the size of the apartment be?

    • The maximum cost of the apartment.

    • Are you open to WG: wohngemeinschaft?

    Wohngemeinschaft is the name locals use for students’ apartments, it is a shared apartment by several people Whereby everyone has his or her room. On the brighter side, the WG apartment helps you make friends.

    Now, you have an ideal apartment in mind and the next thing you want to do is begin your search. Below are some sites we have listed to make your search easier.

    WG Gesucht

    WG Suche



    Another good avenue to search for an apartment is Facebook. There are several groups where people offer and look for apartments.
    Hamburg Housing, Rooms, Apartments, Sublets
    Rooms for Rent in Hamburg

    This may sound old-fashioned, but another place where you can search for an apartment is on newspaper ads, you never can tell, you may be lucky to find one.

    An apartment has been found. This is great as you’re few steps away from getting your own home. The next thing you have to do is to apply. There are documents required for this process, which are:

    Schufa information: This is a financial report stating that you do not owe any debt, especially from your previous landlord. You can get one from the Schufa website if you have none.

    • Proof on monthly Income: This is a document which shows that you’re buoyant enough to pay your monthly rent, you can be excused with the absence of this by presenting these documents Bürgschaft or Mietbürgschaft which is an attestation by a guarantor (Bürge) stating that he or she can pay your rent when due if you’re unable to.

    • A passport or personal ID

    • Proof of residence permit. This is however optional, as you can tell your landlord verbally that you have one.

    • Bank Account: you have to open an account because you cannot pay with cash but bank transfer.

    Once you have sent your application, you have to wait for feedback. While waiting, you should note that thousands of people are also applying for an apartment in Hamburg, you may want to apply for different apartments at the same time. If you get contacted, ask the right/relevant questions about the apartment. Look out for tips in our subsequent post.

  • Finding accommodation in Hamburg, Germany.

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  • Michael

    June 7, 2021 at 7:50 pm

    Finding apartment on newspaper ads; you’d be surprised how many more old school things are still been used in Germany.

    My first time of using a fax machine ? was in Germany; I laughed when the fax was placed on my desk, and then looked stupid when I had to reply to the fax message ??

  • Dorcas Ebuara

    June 7, 2021 at 9:00 pm

    I can imagine your expression when you had to use the device. ?? You’d be like ” how am I supposed to use this?”

  • Michael

    June 8, 2021 at 5:55 am

    That’s exactly what I asked ???

    But the old school is still way safer than all the new techs today; I mean, imagine hacking into a newspaper ? or a fax machine ? ???

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