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    France is Europe’s second most popular destination for international postgraduate study (after the UK). It’s also the second most popular non-anglophone country. The French higher education system is quite unique, with networks of smaller universities sharing resources as part of larger higher education hubs.

    Here are some frequently asked questions you might find answers to when considering studying in France as an international student

    How much international students can earn in France?

    As of January 1st, 2018, it is 9.76 Euros gross per hour. This is the gross wage; you must subtract mandatory social charges (approximately 20%) to determine how many you really carry home

    Do I need to know French to study in France?

    Knowing French will enable you to get the most out of your stay and make the most of your life in France but as an international student, being able to speak English will also get t=you through your day as a good number of universities engage in academic activities and lectures in English.

    What do officials look out for in Visa applications?

    Apart from the necessary documents, as an international student, visa officials also look at your academic background as an applicant, your level of preparation, study plans and financial resources.

    What is the Average student’s cost of living in France?

    A monthly budget of about €1000 is recommended for students living in Paris and about €800 for students living outside the capital city. Expect the cost of living to be lower for students living and studying in other cities in France

    Can international students work and study in France?

    International students can work part-time for up to 60% of the normal working year of French workers.

    Is living and working in France after graduation possible?

    Yes, it is possible but for that to happen, you must apply for a change of residency status through the local Council once you get an offer of employment.

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