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    Is Ausbildung paid in Germany?

    Yes. Your employer will pay you a monthly salary of around 700-1,200 Euros. This is sufficient to maintain a basic standard of living in Germany. After successfully completing your ausbildung, you can expect to earn between 1,800 and 3,800 Euros per month. You will not be charged for your education!

    How much does an average worker get paid in Germany?

    In Germany, the minimum hourly wage is around 10 Euros. With a standard work week of 40 hours, you can earn at least 1,600 Euro gross per month. In most cases, this is sufficient to maintain a basic standard of living. Nowadays, a large proportion of employees in Germany earn more than the minimum wage, providing them with even better living conditions.

    What degree do I get with an apprenticeship in Germany?

    A certificate as a ‘skilled worker’ is typically awarded as a degree. This degree provides excellent career opportunities in Germany and around the world. If certain other requirements are met, the skilled worker qualification allows you to apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany.

    Which countries are eligible for vocational training in Germany?

    Because vocational training in Germany is open to people from all over the world, you can apply from any country. To be eligible to apply, you must be fluent in German at the B1 level and have completed at least 9 school classes.

    How much does a placement for vocational training in Germany cost for the applicant?

    Placements for vocational training in Germany must be free of charge by law.

    Learn how to apply for ausbildung here.

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