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    Deborah Etim

    It is a well-known fact that a German blocked account is one of the ways to prove funds if you are applying for a student visa. However, there is a recent development with regard to that. The German government has raised the minimum amount required to set up a blocked account.

    The amount of the monthly living expenses is determined and reviewed by the German government. The monthly blocked sum was raised to €861 in January 2021, which was one of the most recent modifications. Nevertheless, the blocked sum has undergone yet another adjustment, according to the German government. Starting on January 1, 2023, it will be raised to €934 per month. That is, 11,208 euros must be deposited to a blocked account in order to get the student visa.

    International students who begin applying for German student visas in January 2023 will be affected by this adjustment. To find out how the higher sum can affect your visa application, get in touch with the German embassy that is in charge of providing your visa.

    Advantage: An increase in monthly withdrawal capacity which makes it easier for students to cover their living costs from one month to the next.

    Disadvantage: The initial funding period is prolonged. Keep in mind that 1st-year expenses are much higher than the next years, because of the university deposit, tuition fees as well as accommodation deposit payments.

    However, because German embassies across the world have already begun seeking the increased fee, be mindful that the adjustment is only applicable to later applicants.

    Quick fix: either add additional funds to your blocked account and request approval or once you are in Germany, contribute additional funds to your account for a visa extension.

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