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    Japan, whose capital is Tokyo is an Island country in East Asia. It is an Asian country with sound health care system.

    The demand for nursing care for the elderly and people with disabilities is high in Japan, which has the highest percentage of elderly citizens in the world. In order to solve its severe care worker shortage, Japanese government has made a series of strategies to expand acceptance of foreign workers.

    A new Specified Skilled Worker visa has been established from April 1st, 2019 to allow about 345,000 foreign workers into 14 industries over the next five years, including nursing care.

    For a foreign national who is currently residing in Japan or wants to live in Japan in the future, care work is definitely one of the perfect jobs not just for its great demand but also for your career plan. After mastering advanced Japanese care technologies, you will be a welcomed talent by any country, as well as your home country, as the aging society continues to be a world-wide problem.

    To apply for health care works in Japan, kindly click on the following:



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