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    Victor Omotosho

    One of the things you should do after receiving your university acceptance letter is to look for student housing in Germany. Consider a few essential factors when looking for a home to live in Germany that meets your needs and makes you feel comfortable.

    • What is your budget?
    • Do you prefer to live alone or with other people?
    • Where should your flat be located?
    • Do you prefer to live on campus or in the city?

    In addition to obtaining a German student visa, you will also need to secure your student accommodation. The good news is that there are countless student housing options for international students no matter the School in Germany

    Type 1 – Student residence type of accommodation

    Types of accommodation in a hall of residence are not all the same, they can be different depending what the city’s student union has to offer.

    It is one of the most cost-effective accommodation alternatives for students in Germany are student dormitories, sometimes referred to as residence halls. In reality, student residences are where almost 40% of all international students in Germany dwell.

    If you are interested in securing accommodation in German student halls of residence, you should apply as soon as you receive your acceptance letter from a German university.

    Features of this accommodation type:

    • A lot of international students have enjoyed this type of accommodation because of proximity to peers and academic facilities and assistants
    • Student residences also offer the most affordable accommodation for both local and international students
    • The equal opportunity to have a greater socialization, building friendships, networks and building cultural awareness is one of its very important features
    • Students living have a self-administration committee, which coperates with the student’ resident tutors to organize social, sporting and cultural activities, aiming to integrate international students.
    • You will be able to enjoy the social side of being a student at the university.

    You can find some flats here to get you started on your search in preparing for

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