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    Victor Omotosho

    As an international student planning your study needs, it is important to make your decide on the type of accommodation that works for you, such as student accommodation, a private residence or a shared apartment.

    Finding a place to stay might be extremely difficult when you are out of Germany. This is the reason majority of international students studying in Germany wait until they can personally investigate their housing possibilities for a private housing.

    Quick reminder: The next things you should do after receiving your university acceptance letter is to immediately start sorting out your accommodation plans.

    (Type 3) Flat shares type of accommodation

    It is also known as (Wohngemeinschaft) and is one of the primary forms of student housing in Germany (either domestic or international). Living in a flatshare is basically a few of your peers or locals sharing the same flat, utility costs and rent.

    While some students choose flatshares as their first option for housing, others choose this kind of living because they were unable to get a spot in student

    Features of this accommodation type:

    • A shared apartment can be the perfect place for you to live if you enjoy some form of interaction with others and also want learn German (depending on the flat mates you have obviously)
    • The living room, balcony, kitchen will be shared with other students or residents depending on the shared apartment you let. However, since each of them often has a separate bedroom, there is still room for some level for privacy.
    • Usually, these apartments are rather spacious and the rent is often affordable depending compared to private apartment.
    • There are not as many socialization opportunities available and it might not be located close to your university

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