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    Victor Omotosho

    International students in Germany sometimes live in temporary accommodations if they don’t have the opportunity to immediately move into dorm rooms or apartments after arrival.

    (Type 4) Interim rent or temporary type of accommodation

    International students in Germany sometimes live in temporary accommodations if they cannot immediately move into their student dormitory, private apartment or shared flat yet after arrival.

    As an International students looking for a private, shared or dormitory apartment, you can also find furnished rooms or flats to touch base for short-term rent for a few weeks or months while you explore and hunt for more suitable and permanent living options.

    Temporary accommodation options for international students in Germany include:

    • Rent a room in a hostel.
    • Low-cost hotels for (Few days accommodation)
    • Youth hostels (Which are a bit cheaper if you are a member of the Youth Hostel Association)
    • Private, or Guest house options

    Features of this accommodation type:

    • The cost of renting is often cheap
    • It helps you settle down into the town where your school is locating in order to plan, shop, prepare for resumption proper
    • This form of accommodation gives you time to physically hunt for a more suitable and permanent accommodation and make a good satisfying housing choice.

    If you are planning to study whether in Germany of anywhere in Europe and you are finding it tasking finding a suitable private or shared apartment or working out you student dormitory accommodation, you do not need to fret because there a numerous numbers of temporary/Interim accommodation style for you out there. So start making your research and contacting you school student affairs and care line.

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