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    Victor Omotosho

    As an international student in Germany, finding the appropriate housing is crucial. Your study abroad experience will be greatly influenced by where you choose to reside.

    Germany has student housing accommodation options for each taste and preference whether is student accommodation. Private residence or shared flat option. Private residences are off-campus housing options that are unrelated to the student’s university of attendance.

    (Type 2) Private residence type of accommodation

    The majority of all international students studying in Germany opt to reside in private housing. You can rent your own apartment in Germany if you’re a student who values solitude and would want to live alone.

    You shouldn’t fret on how to go about this, if you are confused the Student Affair office of the university you are applying to will assist you in your quest, whether you choose a student house or private housing, so reach out to them.

    Features of this accommodation type:

    • The university administration would have no jurisdiction over the condition and operation of the property as it will be a privately own property.
    • Plenty of freedom and privacy
    • Some of these benefits include laundry and cleaning services, more enhanced security features, access to transportation, along with many other things.
    • Generally the cost of private residence is higher compared to student residence
    • It will involve your time to search online and you should be ready for the paper work
    • You will have , little day-to-day contact with other students and less opportunities to socialise on a daily level.

    You will have to find your own flat, you can use specific websites and search the local paper in your university town for advertisementā€¦. Here are some popular flat sites to get you started on your search.

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