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    Taofikat Oduola

    Employer: The Urban Writers

    Job Position: Ghostwriter

    Job Type: Contract

    Work Hours: Full Time

    Salary: Not specified

    Location: Work from home

    About the Employer

    The Urban Writers is an organization which works hand-in-hand with writers by helping them with marketing and sales.

    Job Requirements

    An ideal candidate is one who:

    • can about write 1,500 words per day comfortably and without delay;

    • can write projects of up to 20,000 words and more also has a previous experience in doing so;

    • is looking for a long-term freelance relationship;

    • is very conversant with American English;

    • is a good team player with a good team spirit;

    • A wordsmith who works enthusiastically.

    Job Roles/Responsibilities

    You will be expected to:

    • produce world-class ghostwritten works;

    • establish connections/relationships with customers regarding projects that are ready to be tackled;

    • work remotely while giving your best.

    Job Benefits

    • An opportunity to interact with customers, join their teams, be invited to work on orders, and request to work on orders all in one place!

    • Introduction to a social community of the best writers and editors in the business.

    • The ability to build the long-term freelance writing career of your dreams!

    • A warm, supportive work environment filled with happy, pleasant people.

    • Flexible hours and a flexible workload.

    • The ability to choose your own project to work on.

    • Project diversity – the opportunity to work on everything from self-help books to SEO and fiction.

    Apply here (if interested).

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