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    Au pairs undoubtedly have the tendency to experience culture shock in their new host countries. This is because they may be exposed to certain practices and norms that negate their own practices or cultural Knowledge. Au pairs should not be frustrated because of this, rather they should try to adapt to their new environment in love and satisfaction. They can handle culture shock through the following ways:

    • Be open and talk to your host family, friends or LCC. Let them know how you feel so they understand your situation.
    • Keep busy and avoid spending too much time alone. Get involved in something new! If you have not already started taking classes, sign up now! Call up another au pair and learn more about your area, develop a hobby, go to the gym, etc. Being active helps the challenging times pass quickly.
    • Try not to say that things in your host countries are insane or nonsensical, and that things are better in your country even if you feel that way.
    • Try to understand why Americans behave the way they do. This will help you accept things that might otherwise seem strange, feel more included in the culture and appreciate your stay more.
    • Try to better your language skills—start practicing!
    • Do not compare your own family with your host family or your culture with the culture of your host country. Try to think: “It’s not wrong, it’s not right, it’s just different.”
    • Allow yourself to feel sad about the things that you have left behind: your family your friends, etc. But don’t forget the good things you have already learned or experienced!
    • Maintain contact with other au pairs from your home country in your area. This will give you a feeling of belonging and you will reduce your feelings of loneliness and alienation.
    • Try to approach difficulties with a positive, solution-oriented attitude.
    • Try to keep in mind that everyone involved has the best intentions.

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