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    Deborah Etim

    For foreign students in Finland, having health insurance is really essential. In order to study in Finland, you must have complete coverage, which is required by the state. Thankfully, health insurance is available to all foreign students in Finland and provides excellent health care.

    The type of insurance depends on the foreign student’s home country. Finland has one of the best medical insurance systems in the world. Furthermore, the quality of care offered by healthcare physicians is outstanding.

    The government provides free health insurance to Finnish residents who live and study in Finland. While the insurance is provided free of charge, it is supported through the tax system. All inhabitants of Finland have access to great health insurance regardless of their financial position, and Finnish insurance covers all people under a single policy.

    Immigrants who live in Finland permanently are entitled to the same coverage, which also covers prescription medications from pharmacies because it is universal. Note that private health insurance is extremely difficult to come by in Finland. Only around 3% of the overall healthcare business is believed to be in the private sector.

    Temporary visitors residing in Finland may or may not have access to the Finnish healthcare system. This will vary depending on the foreign student’s country of origin, however, individuals from the European Union are eligible for health insurance coverage while in Finland.

    Foreign students who are not from Finland or the European Union will have to deal with their health insurance coverage in a different way. Foreign students are not eligible for Finland’s government health insurance and must instead purchase coverage from a private insurance company.

    The Atlas Travel and Student Secure are popular choices that will fulfill the embassy, consulate, and police station criteria.

    Below are the requirements for foreign students to acquire health insurance:

    • The standard deduction must not exceed €300

    • €120,000 policy maximum if studying less than two years

    • If studying for at least two years, the policy maximum is €40,000

    • For the duration of your stay, you will be covered by insurance

    • If you are going to school for more than a year, you will need at least a year’s worth of coverage

    • You are not permitted to terminate your insurance policy.

    Healthcare care insurance for foreign students in Finland is relatively affordable, regardless of your home country. In the event of a medical emergency, healthcare facilities and insurance coverage will take care of it.

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