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    Finland is one of the greatest destinations to study and work in the world. Many people are interested in working in Finland because of the healthy work culture, excellent workplace conditions, and strong job security. The average monthly income in Finland is around 3200 Euros, with hourly rates ranging from 14 to 19 Euros. So, if you have chosen Finland as a work or study destination, you have chosen one of the best picks. Despite the fact that there are many employment opportunities, certain skills are in higher demand than others. In this post, I share the top most sought out Jobs in Finland.

    Software Development and IT Specialists: This profession accounts for around 65% of all employment opportunities. Because of the high demand for this skill, Software developers have less competition in the employment market compared to other industries. The best part is, you do not have to be proficient in Finnish to excel in this field because communication is not a prerequisite. This is because you mostly just have to do research, build software, and write computer code and instructions for software, apps, and websites.

    Nursing: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a high demand for nurses in Finland. There is an even higher demand for nurses now. Nurses are in short supply, so Finland is bringing in more foreign workers to help. In hospitals, both private and public, more nurses are needed. If you are a nurse looking to move to Finland, you are in luck because your services are needed and you will get a good pay as reward for your services.

    Kindergarten Teachers: Every child deserves an early education to get them a head-start in life. If you are a teacher who is good with little children, this job is for you! Kindergarten teachers, particularly English-speaking ones, are in high demand. This entails that you should be proficient in English to take on this job.

    Social Work and Counseling Professionals: Social work and Counseling specialists give advise and assistance to individuals, families, groups, communities, and organizations. They help clients acquire skills and gain access to the tools and support services they need to deal with difficulties such as unemployment, poverty, handicap, addiction, criminal and delinquent behavior, marital and other family concerns. If you have a degree in this or a related field, you stand a chance to land a job in Finland.

    Contact Center Salesperson: Contact center salespeople make telephone or other electronic communications medium calls to existing and new customers to market goods and services, gain purchases, and schedule sales visits. For this, you would need to be proficient in Finnish because you will be communicating with a lot of people over the phone.

    Home-based Caregivers: In private homes and other independent residential settings, you will offer routine personal care and support with activities of daily living to those who require it due to the consequences of ageing, sickness, accident, or another physical or mental condition. This is also a high-demand job in Finland because supply is low. If you are a professional in caregiving or catering for the aged and needy, you should look into this.

    Despite its educated workforce, Finland’s population is ageing, so young graduates with expertise and skills in the fields above will definitely benefit from working here. Head on here to find opportunities in Finland that may be suitable for you.

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