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    Isabella Aghogu

    Most times, prospective interns take a laid-back approach to sourcing for internships. I believe it should be a more active process. In this post, I would be explaining how to ask for an internship.

    Make your research
    Find companies in your region that do the type of work you’re looking for. Examine their websites and make a note of the internship coordinator’s contact information for each company where you’d like to intern.

    Don’t be scared to make contact
    Reach out to the coordinator for the internship. Send emails introducing yourself and stating what position you’re interested in. Remember to show thar you’ve done some research on the company.

    Share your Resume and Market your skills
    Include any relevant experience or interests you may have and explain the benefits the company can expect to gain by hiring you as an intern.

    Be straightforward and remember to follow up
    Add your name to the subject of the email and try to be direct as possible. Remember to include the date you want to follow up.

    An internship can be the beginning of a journey, and as you start on it, I’m rooting for you!

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