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    Isabella Aghogu

    It can be very beneficial to work and study but it’s a slippery slope. Learn how to find the balance in this post.

    -Talk to your boss.

    Your boss could be more tolerant than you think. Discuss your academic objectives, explain how they will benefit your current position, and inquire about any possible assistance. Employer-sponsored training, study leave, flextime, job sharing, and decreased hours are all possibilities. Consider asking permission to break up your annual leave into smaller pieces to cover time spent on assignments, exams, or practical training.

    -Set Priorities and don’t compromise.

    Accept the fact that you will have to reorganize your current activities and priorities. Before you begin studying, make a list of non-negotiable and nice-to-do activities. This includes rearranging personal, family, work, and social obligations. With so much on your plate, it’s okay to say ‘no’ or reduce your involvement to meet your objectives.

    -Work Smarter! Not harder.

    Use your company as a starting point for assignments or research projects whenever possible. Make opportunities to showcase your expanding skill set while also reducing the time and stress associated with researching unknown organizations. Many students use their lunch breaks at work to read, research assignments, or review exam notes. You might even find time to listen to lectures during your daily commute or at lunch.

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