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    Emmanuel Alfred

    This is a very huge area of discussion especially as it concerns people who seek to play football outside the shores of Nigeria.

    Finding a balance between playing and studying is very crucial as both things require your absolute concentration

    Below are some of the ways you can do so:

    Face Challenges

    As a Young footballer who wants to study, writing a personal statement for College admission while attending football training can be a problem for young soccer players.

    Getting a professional writer to sort out that issue will go a long way in relieving you of the mental stress while you continue to focus on your football.

    Since not all people who play in academy will end up playing professionally, it’s imperative to take your academic pursuits seriously.

    Time Management

    While in school, a lot of thesis and assignments will be given to you by your leacrurers and you will need time to do them.

    Learning the art of time management will be very crucial. You might need to team up with your colleagues for a group project. Students who pursue a football career do have busy schedules.

    To improve their skills, daily football training is needed. So, they have less time available for studying. Writing to-do lists and having a goal list can help young footballers keep their motivation high.

    Learning how to eliminate distractions and laying aside procrastination will help you focus better and study properly.

    Studying Makes You a Better Player

    There are many reasons why you study while pursuing your aspirations as a professional footballer. You can learn new life skills that will benefit your play. Learning keeps you intellectually stimulated, which makes you a better thinker. This will benefit your playing style and attitude on the football pitch and by extension, allow you to apply tactics more efficiently and set performance goals.

    The industry of football offers many prospects for football players. They can become coaches, sports experts, or managers. Combining education and studying with football training can thus turn out to be a wise decision.

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