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    Yesterday, I promised to write about Sports Scholarship. As a foreigner who hopes to make it as an athlete, it’s good to be aware of the opportunities available to you in your quest.

    What is Sports Scholarship?

    Sports or Athletic Scholarship is a form of Scholarship to attend a College or University or a Private High School awarded to an individual based mainly on his or her ability to play in a sport. Athletic scholarships are common in the United States and Canada.

    These are some of the requirements for getting Sports Scholarship in Canada:

    1. Academic Excellence Students/athletes who are getting into the first year of the University must provide a High School Certificate with a minimum average score of 80%. Inability to provide this means the athlete will receive a sports scholarship at the end of the first year of education, after he has scored an average of 65% or higher according to the results of Academic Education.

    Maintaining eligibility for scholarships is largely dependent on the average performance of an athlete at the start of each school session.

    2. Excellent Performance in Activities

    Performing well in Sporting activities is a huge factor in getting scholarship. A lot of athletes get scholarships through their on-field activities. It is then very imperative to take your trainings and practice seriously.

    3. Start Early

    Athletes or Students who want to get into the scholarship programme must endeavor to enter the University immediately after School or College (at latest – 2 years after graduation).

    The candidate must have academic success: a high Grade Point Average (GPA) certificate (A-) and a score of 7.0 or higher in the IELTS language test for foreigners.

    There are 2 Associations in Canada that oversee University athletics: U SPORTS and the Canadian Student Sports Association.

    U SPORTS calls its scholarships “Sports Financial Awards” (SFA): they are compiled from various sources, and the Coach of each Institution decides how many awards to give to a particular student.

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