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    If you are wondering whether you can open a Finnish bank account without being a resident, the answer is yes. Even if you are not a resident of Finland, you can establish a bank account because Finnish banks provide foreign accounts for non-residents. The needed credentials will differ depending on the bank, so make sure you contact each bank for additional details. There may be restrictions and additional procedures for opening a bank account.

    Money laundering is a serious problem in the country. As a result, before entering into a contract, any bank validates the client’s identification. It is critical to show proof that the monies were obtained legitimately. The present EU directives serve as a reference for bank personnel.
    A foreigner must satisfy the criteria of the bank before they can create a bank account in Finland.

    If you want to live in Finland as a student, worker, or retire and move there, you will almost certainly need a bank account and this post is for you.

    Before 2014, it was difficult for foreigners to create a bank account in Finland due to the requirement of Finnish papers. Finnish banks now accept a wider range of papers, due to a change in legislation brought about by a July 2014 judgment by Finland’s Discrimination Tribunal, which prohibited banks from discriminating against those who only had identification documents issued by other countries. That implies that as long as you have the necessary paperwork, establishing an account should be straightforward regardless of where they came from.

    Best Banks in Finland

    All banks in Finland have English-speaking workers; nonetheless, those who speak another foreign language may have difficulties. There are over 240 banks to select from, so you will have lots of alternatives. All banks provide great service, English-language internet banking, and a large network of ATMs and locations. Here are a few banks notable for their excellent services.

    • Nordea is the most well-known Finnish bank, offering a comprehensive variety of banking services. Internet banking provides access to customer care. Nordea is well-liked by both inhabitants and non-residents for its long-term client relationships fostered via a variety of assistance initiatives.

    • Danke Bank is a conventional financial services bank. The company is known for its commitment to lending to small and medium-sized enterprises among its clientele.

    • Holvi offers a handy business solution for freelancers and small enterprises, portraying itself as an online bank. This financial firm, which was just formed a few years ago yet provides excellent service, has been bought by BBVA.

    • Aktia is Finland’s oldest bank with over 200 years of experience serving individuals and institutions. This financial institution provides full online and phone services and can operate in 430 locations owing to a partner network.

    • OP bank is one of Finland’s major financial institutions it has over 200 locations and 1.5 million clients,. You have access to the Otto ATM network as part of your account. They provide a comprehensive range of banking services to a wide spectrum of consumers, from simple current and savings accounts to investment and retirement planning.


    While each bank has its own set of criteria, you will almost certainly need a mix of the following:

    • A passport, evidence of address (such as a utility bill or official government communication)

    • Your Finnish personal identification number (called a henkilƶtunnus)

    • a KELA card (which proves you are eligible for social security coverage in Finland).

    I can not give the full required documents to open an account because it varies across banks. However, you should call or email your preferred bank and inquire about the document you they require. Ask for the bank pricing structure based on your needs this is important because bank charges can be excessive and you want to be sure of the available options.

    Note that your statement will be sent to you in English or Finnish and Sweden on request. Most of your banking activities can be done online and you can use your ATM anywhere in Finland.

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