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    Germany remains one of the top countries for study with over 15,000 study programs and exceptional staff which keep drawing students from all over the world.
    As one of the prerequisites for studying in Germany as a foreigner, you need to obtain a German student visa. However, citizens from European Union are excluded, although they still need a residence permit. To get the visa, one requirement you have to fulfill is presenting a Blocked Bank Account and this is a way to prove your financial capability for living in Germany.
    What is a Blocked Account?

    A Blocked Account is a special bank account for foreign students looking to study in Germany to deposit the required amount of money which would cover their living expenses for one year, it is also proof of their financial capability when applying for the German student visa. Required by the embassy, the amount which must be deposited into that account is 10,236 euros. As soon as your first semester starts, you have the liberty to withdraw 861 euros per month.

    What is the process of opening a German Blocked Account?
    To get a blocked account, you need to apply online to a bank called Fintiba where you will be guided and the account opened in your name. The only document needed for the account opening is a valid passport. (Check the Fintiba website for detailed information and answers to questions you may have). However, there are other banks like; Deutsche Bank, Sparkasse Bank, to mention a few. I recommend Fintiba as it is the most preferred by foreign students.

    Here are steps to open your account successfully:

    • Fill the Application form: once the process has begun, you will be directed to an online application form where you show your details and verify your identity, this includes scanning your valid passport. As soon as that process is accomplished, your Blocked Account is opened and this takes about 10 to 15 minutes.

    • Deposit Money: The next thing you have to do after your account has been opened at Fitinba is to deposit the necessary amount of money (10,236 euros). However, the international transfer usually takes 5 days or more to be completed and this depends on the local bank in your country.

    • Confirmation Email: Immediately your funds are transferred, Fitinba sends you an email confirming your deposit which makes your Blocked Account activated.

    • Appointment at the German Embassy: The next thing to do after receiving an email from Fitinba is to schedule an appointment at the German Embassy. In preparation, you have to print out your confirmation email prove to your financial capability. Once these processes are completed, you are eligible to get your student visa.

    • Access your money: As soon as you arrive in Germany, you need to open another Bank account at any bank of your choice where money can be sent to you from your Fitinba Blocked Account for your monthly use. Remember to finish the last steps in your Fintiba account and upload all the required documents to get access to your money.

      After this read, you should know everything about a Blocked Account and the process of opening one. Furthermore, in a scenario where your visa is being rejected, you can write the bank through the German Embassy and your money would be sent back into the bank account it came from.

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  • How to open a Blocked Account for a German Student Visa

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