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    How To Plan Your First Safari

    A safari is a trip where you go into the wild to see wild animals.

    Your very first safari can be an overwhelming experience if you aren’t familiar with the proper procedures to follow.

    The life of a safari traveler is characterized by expansive viewpoints, views of the sky, total submersion in the natural environment, up-close and personal interactions with various species of wildlife, and exposure to a variety of people.

    Book Your Trip Early

    It is recommended that you schedule your safari trip as far in advance as possible to avoid any avoidable disappointments. Perhaps one or two months in advance.

    Time To Go

    It is best to plan a safari during the dry season. The road is easier to navigate this period and you would have a better chance of seeing more animals.

    Early Rising

    Animals are most active at the first light of dawn and around dusk In order for you to get an optimal game view it is advised that you rise early.

    Make A Budget

    You need to determine how much money you are ready to spend on the safari before you go embark on the trip if you want to make the most of your time there while also remaining within your financial means.

    Book With A Safari Operator

    To have an enjoyable safari experience it is advised to book with a safari operator instead driving yourself.

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