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    Starting a career in the field of IT requires a level of determination to learn and put into practice every necessary skill learnt in the field. The internship offers several opportunities and advantages that are needed to thrive in the industry. Whether remote or in-person positions, several factors should be put into consideration before applying for an internship position. They include:
    *Seeking the right fit.
    *Visa requirements(if you are travelling)
    *Costs and salary.

    After consideration and application, the next step is the interview. Here are some tips that are sure to help you have a successful interview session.

    1. Prepare Yourself. This is done by researching the company and preparing a list of questions for the interviewer, selecting appropriate outfits for the interview, and practising sample interview questions. Doing these help you to build your confidence for the interview.

    2. Do well to make a good first impression by being prompt, being yourself, paying attention to your non-verbal behaviour and taking the first few minutes to develop a rapport with your interviewer. The interview is an opportunity for self-marketing and one must be able to create an excellent first impression.

    3. Focus on your skills and accomplishments including high school and college coursework, volunteer and extra-curricular activities and computer and language skills. Describe your transferable skills from previous work experiences and internships such as communication, interpersonal, organisational, analytical and problem-solving skills, etc.

    4. Refer to previous relevant experiences. This is to enable the interviewer to paint a picture of your skills and provide a good way to show an example of previously acquired skills that would be necessary for the role.

    5. During an interview, understanding the question asked is vital. It is therefore not outside the norm to ask the interviewer to repeat the question for clarification before providing an answer.

    6. Be observant enough to follow the lead of the interviewer. Pay attention to see if the interviewer is satisfied or if additional information is needed. It is necessary to answer all the questions asked.

    7. Focus on your strengths. Questions about one’s strengths and weaknesses require one to focus on strengths. When talking about weaknesses, one should be able to point out those that they are already making effort towards for a change. Sometimes it might be necessary to mention actions that are already in place.

    8. In some fields, it would be necessary to show some samples of past works.

    9. Closing the interview with confidence is a great way to end it. One should leave the interviewers with a ‘thank you and ask when to expect feedback from the company.

    See google internships here.

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