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    Yes, being an au pair in foreign countries, European countries for instance, may be quite strange, yet amazing. As a foreign au pair, you may likely find their ways of life, food, people, environment etc in your new place of work/home awkward, but trust me, your stay is just gonna be as radiant as the appearance of a priceless queen, only if you do the following things:

    1. Be sociable: You have to relate with people around you, make friends with people, especially young people. See yourself as part of them and never isolate yourself.

    2. Be willing to learn: You don’t have to be too rigid with what you already know. Be open to new ideas, new ways of life, new knowledge, new perspectives etc.

    3. Be purposeful: Yes, you are an au pair in that new place different from your native land for a purpose. Focus on the goals and gains,and not your challenges and weaknesses. Be determined.

    4. Practice self care: You have to take care of yourself too. As you’re taking care of the home, the children, your host family etc, don’t forget to make sure you are doing very fine and stay happy

    5. Have a positive spirit

    6. Show love to others

    7. Always smile and feel free to ask questions.

    For more information on how to improve your life as an au pair in foreign countries, kindly check the link below


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