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    Victor Omotosho

    As the oldest nation in Europe, Portugal is an ideal place to study abroad, particularly if you are interested in enjoying sunny weather and admiring splendid coastlines each day.

    Portugal is regarded as a highly good study location in Europe by international students. It has one of the largest databases of foreign student experiences in the world of almost 7,000 students giving positive feedback

    International students who have studied in Portugal concur that the country’s residents have a welcoming attitude toward visitors just like the country’s climate. You can work while studying in Portugal as an international student. Click to read more on why study in Portugal.

    Also the culture and history, low costs of studying in Portugal, and the good quality of student accommodation and In addition, the friendly atmosphere encourages and foresters the right environment for learning and research and understanding Portuguese by talking to native speakers.

    Living costs: in Portugal are lower than the European average, which is an important selling point for those students who would like to study abroad but cannot afford to spend too much

    Tuition Fee: At public Portuguese universities, tuition fees range between €750 and €1200 per year, which makes education affordable and accessible to the majority of the population.

    Learning Portuguese: Although you don’t need to know Portuguese to study at a university in Portugal, it will be very useful if you learn at least the basics.

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