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    The USA is known to be home to many of the world’s leading information technology companies. Being one of the biggest and providing a variety of different job opportunities, the IT industry is doing whatever it can to attract top tech talent.

    While the USA attracts quite a number of immigrants, getting a job is not as easy as it sounds. Obtaining living permit and work permit requires a ‘green card’. Individuals sometimes apply directly to the firms asking them to sponsor their visa or join a UK firm that has US offices with the intention of securing a transfer over time.

    As an IT personnel, being any of the following will give you an edge in the USA when applying for a job because these professionals are in high demand. They include: database administrator and architect, information security analyst, software developer, network and computer systems administrator, computer programmer, web developer, computer and information systems manager, systems analyst, help desk and desktop support professional, network/cloud architect.

    Countries that offer good tech opportunities.

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