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    Taofikat Oduola

    Job Employer: Work in Australia

    Job Position: Several

    Job Type: Contract

    Work Hours: Full time

    Salary: Not specified

    Location: Australia

    Category: Agricultural, Au Pair, Hospitality, Working Holiday

    About the Employer

    Work in Australia gives you the opportunity to tour the world without having to worry about money. The organization has a guaranteed job package which guarantees you a job in Australia ahead of your arrival.

    With a job and start date in your pocket, you can plan your trip stress-free and no worries! Travel the world, before or after Australia, stopping where and for how long you want along the way because you have guaranteed income when you arrive in Australia.

    Australia has one of highest wages in the world and this will help you save up more.

    Remember, you can only get an Australian Work Holiday Visa once, so let’s make it count!

    Job Requirements

    • Applicants MUST hold Australian Working Holiday Visa – 417 or 462. Note that you cannot apply unless you can obtain an Australian Working Holiday Visa.

    • Applicants must be aged between 18 and 30 years old to apply for a Working Holiday Visa.

    • Australian RSA, White Card etc. We can arrange these on your behalf

    • Good level of spoken English is compulsory for front of house roles

    • Relevant experience an advantage

    Job Benefits

    • Great payment rate.

    • City and Rural locations available

    • Second/Third year visa jobs available.

    Apply here.

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