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    Canada has one of the world’s most secure economies, and there are many jobs available to assist immigrants in settling in.

    There are three immigration programs- Canada Express Entry Program or Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) that help give a start to your immigration process. If all goes well, you’ll receive a good job letter in no time.

    Here are some of the most popular jobs in Canada for 2022.


    This is the second most popular immigration job in Canada. Every firm keeps records and books, and if you’re good at it, you can be a valuable asset. Furthermore, with a high salary scale ranging from 63,000 $ CAD to 75, 000 $ CAD, this job profile is considered to be more stable than other jobs in Canada. This job type has two NOC categories: 0111 for Financial Managers and 1111 for Financial Auditors and Accountants.

    ENGINEERING Project Manager

    The manufacturing sector in Canada is expanding, particularly in provinces like Ontario and Saskatchewan. The prospects offered for a famous Engineering Project Manager are valued with promotions and compensation perks, making this a high-paying employment in Canada. There are both government and commercial projects where the candidate might try his luck and earn anywhere between $74,000 and $92,000 Canadian dollars. 0211 is the job code for this category.


    Canada places a high value on aged care and has social welfare systems in place to assist the senior population. As a result of the numerous prospects for employment in the medical field, the need for nurses has increased significantly. The average hourly wage of work opportunities is around 36 cad. If you work in the same field, there is a fantastic chance for you. There are numerous job prospects in this field, all of which pay fairly.

    SOFTWARE Engineers

    If you enjoy and excel at programming, managing an application could be your calling. Canada has a tremendous amount of potential for tech geeks who are proficient in their disciplines. These abilities enable the creation of an application and database that aids in the management of a company’s operations. The paycheque ranges from $83,000 to $99,000 in this fantastic service.


    Canada is a vast country with gorgeous long highways and an efficient transportation infrastructure. Truck driving is an unquestionably in-demand job. Especially in the province of British Columbia, where drivers are trained.

    • Compensation – 31 $CAD
    • Employment opportunities – 1,35,900

    Is your priffession not here? Don’t worry! You can check here for a lot more job opportunities and even how to apply.

  • Job Opportunities in Canada for Nigerians in 2022

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  • Wasana

    June 17, 2022 at 6:48 pm

    Do you know the biggest source of Canada’s GDP?
    I am just curious to know what is driving them to get more foreign workers.
    Or is it that they need more foreigners to help them grow their GDP?

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