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    Finding yourself miles and miles away, with a diverse dialect and culture, you might discover that keeping in touch with friends and family could be a challenge. However, there are a few things you’ll be able to do just so you don’t lose contact with the ones you love. Email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogging, snail mail, paid ahead of time phone cards and free phone administrations give various alternatives for remaining associated amid your overseas program.

    These loved ones want to know so much about your stay abroad; the people you meet, the exotic foods you eat, the monuments and natural beauty you see, and (hopefully) delicious and strange treats you are smelling… you name it! To achieve these, you should keep reading to find several methods for keeping in touch and pick which works for you.


    Blogging: Is writing your thing? If so, you should think about blogging as it is a wonderful way to document all you encounter during your study period abroad. Doing this doesn’t just give opportunity for family and friends to journey with you, it also helps you give an excellent account of your daily life in a strange land and preserve the memories that you make. You can also share your experiences here on setlinn for others who are looking to study abroad.

    Email: In this age and time, everyone uses email to relay information. As a study abroad student, you may be overwhelmed with series of activities living a busy life. With your Gmail, you can use gchat simultaneously to send quick messages, including photos and videos. This may seem a little old-fashioned, but it works perfectly for some persons.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: These applications come with so many possibilities and allows you to share your life with others and vice-versa. If you are concerned about keeping in touch, it may be a smart idea to start a group and invite friends and family. You can post periodic updates about your life, photos, entertaining or educational videos, express your passions, and even your address with these apps. It makes keeping in touch very easy; they feel like they’re abroad with you, and you feel like you’re at that family function.

    Snail (postal) Mail: This may also be old-fashioned, but imagine your friends or family receiving letters from you, what joy and delight they would have. Don’t you feel inner happiness when you receive a letter, out of the blue? By sending snail mail, be it postcards, notes, or regular old letters, you are reminding those you love that you are thinking of them at unexpected moments, and you are keeping in touch during your study abroad in an exciting way. You should try this method.

    Telephone Services: These services are the most direct option, as you can make phone calls and text. WhatsApp is an excellent alternative to texting, as it is a messenger on your phone. You can send photos, videos, and even sound bytes. Although, these services all require Wi-Fi unless you have an international phone plan.

    Prepaid Phone Cards: As a study abroad student, you will realize that acquiring Wi-Fi is frequently easier said than done. However, it is important to recognize that there are other ways you can speak with your friends and family, besides your iPhone. You can do this by purchasing a prepaid phone card. The price varies depending on the country, but it is very easy and straightforward to use with no extra charges.

    With all of these highlighted above, you should also note that there are factors that could affect you from keeping in touch, these include:

    Poor Wi-Fi Connection: Depending on your location, it may be difficult to obtain internet sometimes. If there is no Wi-Fi where you stay, you may look for an internet café nearby. On the brighter side, Staying away from the internet can help you live your life and forgetting about home.

    Inconsistent Friends and Family: sometimes, you may be available to keep in touch but the other party isn’t. Never let it affect the relationship, you should rather discuss other means to communicate. Maybe setting a calendar weekly or daily to speak with them would go a long way.

    Time Zones: This can really be frustrating as your morning may be their evening and vice-versa. It may seem impossible, but it is definitely doable. If the time change is so extreme, for example, 12 hours, you should consider other means of communication, such as e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or snail mail. It may require a little sacrifice from both parties, but you will make it work with a little effort!

    With the adoption of one or two methods here, keeping in touch with friends and family while studying abroad would not be a problem. If you have used any method here, kindly share your experience(s) by commenting below

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