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    How Expats can go about Securing Accommodation in Mexico

    The good news is that it’s common to rent your home in Mexico – which means that there’s plenty of housing available in most areas.

    Renting a property in Mexico is fairly straight forward, and the details will likely be hammered out by yourself and your agent or with the landlord directly. You can find properties online, through an agent or simply by spotting a ‘to let’ sign.

    If you’re renting in one of the larger cities or through agents, you might need to do some referencing or credit checks. There aren’t mandated by law, however.

    Alternatively, in certain places, and especially in Mexico City, some owners will ask for someone to cosign your lease, known as a fiador. A fiador must live in the same city and own an unmortgaged property there. If this is the case, you can ask your employer to act in this capacity, or suggest to the landlord that you pay a higher deposit amount instead of finding a fiador.

    You’ll find a mix of properties in Mexico with places offered furnished or unfurnished. Unfurnished is a cheaper option – but it’s worth checking with the property owner or agent what condition the property will be in when you take it on. Many unfurnished places are literally shells, with no stove or refrigerator in the kitchen, no window treatments or floor coverings. While this can save a bit on rent, buying all you need to make the place habitable isn’t cheap.

    As a tenant in Mexico you have rights which are legally protected. However, each Mexican state has its own civil laws, so you must make sure you know the provisions which apply to the state you live in.

    In conclusion, it is important to note that the rental market in Mexico might not be quite the same as in your home country. Avoid any nasty surprises by doing a little research before you make your move.

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