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    Job Search for Expats in Czech Republic

    A prospective foreign employee has to apply for a work permit at the Labor Office before moving to the Czech Republic. A work permit can only be issued for the exact job and employer specified in the application. It is non-transferrable and only valid for two years, after which a new application must be submitted.

    Recently, career centers at universities have been experiencing a big boom in the Czech Republic. Students have an opportunity to try out job interviews, test their working strengths and weaknesses, or attend courses of professional and personal development. Another benefit of career centers is their direct connection with companies looking for part-time workers, interns, or employees. You can also ask your friends, classmates, local students, or teachers. Besides, you can start your search through the job portals or contact directly someone from a chosen company. After graduation, all international alumni have free access to the labor market.

    If you hold a long-term residence permit for study purposes and you have completed university education (from an accredited programme by MEYS), you may apply for long-term residence for 9 months and look for a job or start your own business in the Czech Republic.

    Most popular job portals in the Czech Republic include the following:

    – Jobs

    – Expats

    – Employment Offices’ database

    – EURES – European Job Mobility Portal

    Discover more information here

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