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    Unacceptable Things in Argentina

    Argentina is the second largest country in South America with a mix of nice people of Spanish, Italian or French descents. Buenos Aires, which is the capital of the country is one of the busiest and most elegant cities in the world.

    In Argentina, there are some behaviors which are heavily frowned at and as such, must be avoided by tourists or expats in Argentina. In fact, some of these behaviors might be acceptable where one comes from but in Argentina, it is the opposite. Some of them include:

    1. Do not show up on time at an event you are invited to, it would be considered rude. Shocking right?🤔

    2. For no reason whatsoever should you eat on the streets or on a public transportation.

    3. Vulgar signs such as making the ‘OK’ sign or doing the ‘thumbs up’ should be avoided.

    4. Do not pour wine for others, there is a ritual associated with that.

    5. Do not talk about sensitive topics about their relationship with USA, Brazil, or Great Britain. This could trigger strong reactions.

    6. If you are a jewelry lover, do not wear expensive jewelry out in the public.

    7. Do not leave your abode before 10am as barely anything happens before 10am, and forget getting a coffee and the paper at 8am, because nothing is open. Relax and enjoy a lie-in, because it’s pointless leaving your house early.

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