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    <b style=”font-family: inherit; font-size: inherit;”>Some African Restaurants to try out in London 

    It’s no longer news that one of the challenges new immigrants in foreign countries pass through is related to the taste buds. For instance, personally, I have friends who found it difficult to eat anything except African meals during their first few months overseas.

     There is a popular saying which goes thus: ” A hungry man is an angry man,” a lot of people, particularly Nigerians feel dissatisfied with the foods they are being served in the white man’s restaurants, saying such foods don’t suit their taste buds . While writing this article, I just can’t help but smile as I recall an experience a friend of mine shared with me when she just landed in Australia with her husband, to make matters worse, she was preggy then…you know how pregnant women can be so picky with foods(Lol). She and her husband had entered this restaurant and ordered for their meals, though with some doubts as to what the foods would taste like. Eventually, the food was served and she almost threw up, her husband was the one who ate everything saying their money must not waste (lol). She eventually settled for some fruits outside the restaurant but found out she was already feeling so famished on getting back to their hotel. Luckily for her, she had packed small garri with egusi and dried pepper. That was how ‘yours truly’ eventually ended up making ‘Eba’ and ‘Egusi’ soup with the little ingredients she had and was satisfied at least😃. 

    In all honesty, this is just one out of several other different laughable stories however, the good news is that due to the large influx of Nigerians overseas, there are lots of African restaurants now where you can satisfy your taste buds. 

     Some of the restaurants you could try out while in the United Kingdom include: 

    1. African Gallery Kitchen (African) 

    2. Wolkite restaurant (African, Ethiopian) 

    3. Zeret Kitchen (African, Ethiopian) 

    4. Azou (African, Moroccan) 

    5. Mosob Restaurant (African, Ethiopian) 

    6. Pitanga – Nostalgic Nigerian food 

    7. Katakata (African, café) 

    8. Kokeb Ethiopian restaurant (African, Ethiopian) 

    9. Zoe’s Ghana kitchen ( African) 

    10. Lekki Restaurant & Bar ( African, International) 

    11. Kenya kitchen (African) 

    12. Tummy Kom4ort Nigerian Restaurant (African, soups) 

    13. Acacia (African, Middle Eastern) 

    14. Sidi Bou – London (African, Mediterranean) 

    15. Afrik ‘N’ Fusion (African, Carribean)
    Above are some African restaurants you could try out in the United Kingdom. To find out about more restaurants, check https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurants-g186338-c1-London_England.html

    Any more ideas about amazing restaurants to try out in the United Kingdom, I’d love to know in the comment section.

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