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    Living in Finland as an Expat

    One thing you always hear from people who have decided to take the plunge and try living in Finland as an expat is that the country has abundant nature and is simply gorgeous for the outdoor enthusiast.

    Fully two-thirds of Finland is forested, and there are 40 national parks there that cover lakes, the coastline of the longest archipelago in the world, forests, and meadows. The possibilities for enjoying hiking, biking, boating and camping in the great northern outdoors are nearly endless.

    But it’s winter when Finland’s wild and mysterious beauty is truly on display. There are tons of ski areas as well as places for snowshoeing, and of course viewing the legendary Northern Lights is an ever-popular destination trip even for people who have been living in Finland their entire lives.

    Thus camping, hiking, and enjoying the waterways without fear of consequence is one of the best benefits of living in Finland for people who love the outdoors.

    With a population of just 5.5 million in the eighth-largest country in Europe, Finland is one of the most sparsely-populated countries in the world, a perfect place for the expat looking at emigrating to Finland for some peace and quiet.

    One thing people living in Finland always gush about is the fact that Finland offers free education to all. This extends not only to primary and secondary students, but also to university, meaning you get free tuition for bachelor’s, graduate, and doctoral studies.

    Speaking of pay, it’s not only teachers who rake in the big bucks when living in Finland. Finland is one of the best-performing countries in the world economically, and that is a big reason why it always comes in so high on happiness surveys.

    the average salary in Finland rose to £49,104 per year ($64,078) in 2020, and the unemployment rate dropped to 7.2 percent.

    Of course, as with any country, salaries vary wildly between industries for people living in Finland. As mentioned above, teachers do very well here, and if you’re in telecommunications you can also hope to find a well-paying job if you end up living in Finland as an expat. For more detailed information on living in Finland as an expat, click here

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