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    Local Dishes to try out in Ecuador

    Food, they say is something we cant do without as humans. It’s fascinating that different foods abound in the world and each country has its own peculiar foods and ways of cooking them. Personally, in the cause of writing on various topics, of which food is amongst, I have become familiar with quite a number of foods and i find this thrilling. Don’t mind me though, it’s true I love good food but I ain’t no FFO!😁

    Ecuador, a country located in South America and well-known for its serenity and beautiful tourist sites is also well known for its exquisite cuisines, some of which I would be discussing in this post because honestly, you can’t really understand a place or its culture if you don’t understand its food.

    1. Fritada de Chancho

    The fritada is a piece of pork (often pork shoulder) which is boiled in water until the water evaporates, then fried, and finally finished in a somewhat spicy red sauce. The fritada is then served with sides of hominy, fava beans, corn, or potatoes – or all of the above. This is a very popular dish on the weekends and a brunch staple for most Ecuadorians.

    2. Cuy

    Cuy is an indigenous food source and common to the diet in Ecuador. Cuy has a naturally greasy, dark meat. Once roasted over an open fire, the skin gets crispy and delicious.

    3. Llapingachos

    Llapingachos are one of the most popular dishes to eat in Ecuador because they’re simple and delicious. They are made from potato patties which are then stuffed with cheese and pan fried until golden—crispy on the outside and soft and cheesy on the inside.

    4. Bolon de Verde

    This dish, otherwise known as “The Ball” is a national dish of Ecuador. Green plantains are mashed and made into ball around a filling of meat (usually pork) or sometimes cheese. The whole ball of goodness is then pan fried and served hot.

    5. Fried Plantains

    Yeah! You read that right! Plantains! As a Nigerian, automatically, one can just relate with the love for plantains. They are popular throughout Latin American cuisine. This dish is similar to a banana, they’re versatile and can be served in lots of ways, including as chips, mashed, or in soups.

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