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    Located in Southeast Asia, Singapore is a country that ensures safety of citizens and immigrants alike, a developed country with consistent world class innovations in every sector. Although, Singapore is known for its high cost of living, the ambience and quality of education makes it a good choice if considering studying abroad. <div>

    Moreover, there are still great institutions with low tuition fees. Below are some of them;

    1. National University of Singapore: this university isn’t just affordable but still ranks among the best university in the country. As a public university, students enjoy the regular government subsidies on tuition fees and international students’ fees ranges between S$17,550 – S$64,550. NUS also have varieties of scholarships for international students to relieve them of some financial pressure. Read more here

    2. Singapore Management University: this is a university known for her advancement in technology all over the Asia continent. The educational system in SMU is also advanced and supports the individual’s values, intelligence and personality. The range of fees for international students’ ranges from S$24,500 – S$27,050. University link…

    3. Singapore Institute of Technology: SIT focusses basically on applied disciplines. The university is in synergy with many other universities overseas and to support development of various industries and economies in Singapore. Regardless of the proficiency in training and teaching future engineers and other technical students, tuition fee still remains affordable; S$20,000 per year. Read more here

    4. Nanyang Technological University: this university ranks among but it is still considered as one of the best 100 universities in the world. Also known as a prolific domain for several iconic research facilities, the university is actually made up of 8 major colleges including the popular Nanyang Business School and the college of engineering. Tuition fees is basically S$17,000 (other minimal charges may apply for international students). More information on Nanyang Technological University here…

    In case you would rather be interested in Private universities, check for the best private universities in Singapore here


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