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    It takes great wisdom and knowledge for you to succeed as an au pair in a totally new environment. Getting used to your new environment as an aupair may not be very simple at first, but trust me, you’re still gonna find your stay sweet and thrilling.

    But how do you think the above can be possible? BY SIMPLY MAKING FRIENDS AND RELATING WELL WITH YOUR HOST FAMILIES. Some of the ways to achieve these are:

    1. Learn to talk to people. Don’t isolate yourself. Talk to people about your culture, your goals in their country, the weather, beautiful places, government, sports, finance etc and be ready to hear their own views too

    2. Be helpful. You’re in a new environment and you need to portray yourself as a selfless, caring and helpful being. Help people wherever you find yourself, especially when relating with your host families

    3. Share your ideas with people. Don’t be too selfish with sane and useful ideas

    4. Don’t be a sadist . You shouldn’t wear a sad and unfriendly look. Laugh, smile, crack jokes and feel cool around people

    5. Be respectful. You have to be humble and show utmost respect to others. Don’t belittle or undermine people around you. See them as important persons who deserve to be respected.

    6.Learn to be patient. You may feel hurt by some of the members of your host families. Don’t revenge or try to retaliate, just be patient and learn to tolerate them.

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