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    The covid19 pandemic has contributed positively to the advancement and growth of the tech industry across the globe. While technology has become one of the rapidly growing industries across the globe, it has continued to advance modern life. This has made global internships more accessible than ever. One can easily have access to jobs and positions that are remote. Here are 5 of the most popular of them.

    1. Software Developer
    Software development has been ranked among the best technology jobs due to the high pay and huge demand in the job market. It includes software designing, program testing, and software maintenance. Internship is this field is exposing and requires technical expertise and creativity.

    2. Web Developer
    Web development is an easier path compared to software development. They focus on designing and managing software for websites. While it can be a self learnt path, it is far more entry-level than software development. Interning in this field grant one a first hand experience in the field and a easier path through the career.

    3. Data Scientist
    Data science is a role in tech that is in very high demand. While it involves a technical role, it equally requires a good understanding of business and marketing. In pursuing a career in this path, one should start with entry level roles like data analyst in order to have a foundational experience in the field. The field specialises in analysing unstructured data into useful information for business.

    4. Information Security Analyst
    This is a field that is on fire in the tech industry because of its relevance to other industries. The field requires those who are generally excellent at defending data security and strategically seeing the big picture. Interning in this field therefore requires ones interest and background knowledge of the role that cyber security can play in different industries and spheres.

    5. Computer Network Specialist
    This role is a specialist role as those who work in this path have advanced degrees in computer related areas. They are architects of data communication networks and are mostly well versed in business related studies.

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