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    Tosin Ayedun

    So you are about to go backpacking across a country or a whole continent and you don’t know what and how to pack? After packing the essential travel documents, these are the things you will need.

    A durable and waterproof backpack.

    Good hiking boots.

    Sleeping tent or tarp.

    Hygiene products (tissues, sanitary pads, toothbrushes, toothpaste, etc.)

    Allergy medications, mosquito repellants.

    Sleeping bag and heat pads.

    Appropriate clothes for the weather.

    Don’t forget your water bottles.

    It is important that you pack light. Only take essential items with you. For your safety, ensure that you do enough research on the places you intend to visit.

    Check out tips-for-packing-for-your-first-backpacking-trip for more information on how to pack appropriately.

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